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Buying Insurance Easier using Technology


One of the most important reasons to choose Advantage Insurance as your first choice for Tenants Insurance is our digital technology. We understand that Tenants Insurance is the perfect insurance product to benefit from the modernization of insurance. We have invested in Canadian and International Insurance technology. Our quoting & issuing insurance platform is a 100% Canadian platform. It was founded in Western Canada and has enjoyed years of success protecting renters and condo owners in Alberta & Saskatchewan against claims. We are excited to bring this technology option to residents of Ontario.


Advantage Insurance uses this digital platform to get insurance policies into your inbox within minutes, not days or weeks. You can review multiple quotes, limits, and coverages at your convenience whether you are on your laptop or cell phone. We have also integrated data into the platform to make things easier for you, the consumer. We use basic address autofill along with pre-loaded construction details about your EXACT unit to build your quote. We also have machine-learning deployed throughout the technology system to make your experience easier and more effective. The Advantage Insurance platform is truly a game-changer for Ontario residents.


This true embrace of technology goes beyond the existing platform. We have woven technology into the entire fabric of Advantage Insurance. The relationship-management system is powered by HUBSPOT and about a dozen established custom platforms. We have done thorough research to make sure your information is secure and accessible. Also, we looked outside the insurance industry to find other integrations that you would use daily. So, when it comes to purchasing, following up, and renewing your insurance, the communications you receive from us will have a sense of familiarity.


The last part of our growth with technology comes into customer communication. Gone are the days of single-channel email communication with your insurance broker. If you want to connect with your insurance broker about your Tenants Insurance, you should be able to do two things. First, choose HOW you want to communicate, and next, speak to someone you are familiar with to access your file—our digital ecosystem links to our desktops, cellphones and even our smartwatches. If you want to pop into a chat feature to ask a question about your policy OR schedule a specific time that works for you, you have those options available. When you access your channel, our brokers can pull up your file in our comprehensive dashboard. So we can see your payments, limits, emails all on one screen quickly.


Great Insurance Partners

We are a real brokerage, meaning our revenue comes from you, our clients. You are our most important asset. This aspect of Advantage Insurance’s core values leads us to partner with fantastic insurance providers.  Our Insurance Partners deliver comprehensive protection for your Tenants Insurance. An insurance partner needs to do more than pay claims. We have relations with Insurance Company Partners who are leading the way into the digital insurance future. They have invested their resources to open their technology to integrate into our systems. The Underwriters who craft these products understand our clients.  They know you might want to buy your Tenants Insurance at your convenience. Purchase an Insurance Policy in the middle of the night, not even speaking to a Licensed Insurance Broker. So the wordings, coverages, and exclusions need to be clear and relevant. Also, the customer service agents on both sides of this transaction need to be service-oriented. There is nothing worse than buying Renters or Tenants Insurance than having to make changes with manual signatures, faxes, and long-form applications. Advantage Insurance’s goal is to make it easy and dependable for you to manage your Tenants Insurance policy.


Evolution is our standard

When Advantage Insurance chose our technology platform, a driving factor was built-in growth. All of our partners, including yourself, will enjoy a better insurance experience with every growing day of the year. Our technology platform that issues your policy will continue to expand and become more accessible, powerful, and effective. Some of that future growth will include adding more products like car insurance. There will be the expansion of more insurance companies so you can get MORE prices. We are committed to getting as much digital growth into our system as possible. From updated claims data for geography to understanding new exposures, we want to look at trends that frequently allow our talented Underwriters to calibrate your Condo or Renter Tenants Insurance Policy. By moving deductibles, adding coverages, or deleted exclusions, Insurance Companies can provide you with a relevant product at a minimal cost.


Personalized Coverage

Advantage Insurance allows for a high personalization level of service. You can change your policy easily with our technology platform, allowing you to modify payments, coverages, and more. Imagine purchasing jewelry for a loved one and adding it to your Tenants Insurance policy on your phone while still in the jewelry store. If your income changes, you can switch your payment plans to your credit card on the weekend. While renting, if you move, you could update your address easily with our Technology system. You can also adjust and control so many aspects of your policy like limits, deductibles, adding additional coverages all from your phone. The payments for any change will automatically adjust on your Tenants Insurance payment schedule.


This personalized system also allows the renewal process to be seamless and easy. Review our proposed terms for the next 12 months, and if no changes are needed, we renew your policy quickly.  Providing peace of mind that your Tenants Insurance policy is still in enforce. These are the direct results of the Advantage Insurance


At Advantage Insurance, we want to be your broker of choice for life. We hope our clients choose our products when they are ready to buy their first home. We want to help you with your car insurance as well as your vacation home and business insurance.  Advantage Insurance can be the Insurance Brokerage that protects your family for generations. Advantage Insurance is a 3rd generation broker family with the 4th generation ready to protect your kids.  With our technology platform and our desire to get to know what you want and need, we hope to have the perfect partnership with our clients.




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