Save Money on Tenants Insurance

Save Money on Tenants Insurance: Three Simple Ways

There are lots of ways to save money on Tenants Insurance. The first way to save money is to increase your deductible. By increasing your deductible, you are taking some of the risks away from the insurance company. In turn, it will lower your premium. Another way to save money on Condo or Renters Insurance is to work with an Insurance Broker to compare Insurance policies.  Brokers will research many insurance options yearly. Finally, multi-policy discounts and finding an insurance company with a strong renewal report can save you money.

Save Money by Increasing Your Deductible

When you decrease your deductible on your insurance policy, this will create a “Cadillac policy” of insurance. This type of policy gives you a higher premium. Instead, you could increase the deductible up to a percentage of the price. For example, if the cost is $1,000 per year, you may want to increase the deductible up to 5% of this cost. The insurance price would decrease to approximately $900 annually. By working with a specialized insurance broker, you can get a special quote on an increased deductible. There are many more ways to save money on Tenants Insurance that you can only access through your Insurance Broker.

Save Money by Using a Professional Insurance Broker

Insurance Brokers help provide an alternative perspective. They understand the insurance and benefits you might be paying for that are not apparent in your policy documents. One of the most important aspects of a Professional Insurance Broker, like our Team at www.tenants-insurance.com, is understanding your situation. Explain to them where you are in life and your current expenses.  They can apply this information to your insurance needs. When you are looking to save money on Tenants Insurance, consider purchasing insurance from an Insurance Broker that understands.  We can provide you with a cash flow analysis to help you identify savings opportunities. When is the right time to purchase insurance for your living situation and the appropriate time to update it? Are you planning to build a new space, remodel or maybe even move? Talking with your Insurance Broker about these life-changing events may help you save money on Tenants Insurance.

Save Money by Shopping Around and Understanding Renewals

Save money on Tenants Insurance by checking out different insurance companies. Then look for a policy with lower premiums and additional insurance. Perhaps Renters or Condo Insurance and similar products may be cheaper to have when you bundle. Or you may get a discount with a specific company for being with them long term. Finally, be sure to check your credit score and credit report to ensure there are no negative marks on your record. Your credit record can affect your insurance coverage or even require a higher deductible in the event of a claim.

One significant way to save money on Tenants Insurance is to ensure your renewals will not skyrocket year over year. Making sure your new or current insurance provider is financially solid and stable. Some insurance companies know it takes effort to move insurance companies, so they increase your rates year over year. Also, if an insurance company suffers a catastrophic loss from another client, they will adjust everyone’s insurance to offset the loss. Let your Insurance Broker help you with the renewal process.  It needs to be simple. You do not want inflated prices and to scramble to find insurance at the last minute. Brokers are also knowledgeable about Insurance Companies and the market. Our Team has made your insurance renewal simple at www.tenants-insurance.com, so we get all the updated information to give you a revised price if needed.


If you are leasing or renting, whether a condo or apartment, insurance is essential. Ensure you protect yourself against possible loss of your home, belongings or any other situation you may encounter. Tenants Insurance protects you from unforeseen losses. Plus, in the event of loss, you can get the claims paid to you quickly. Few policies protect you against property damage, personal injury, theft, and medical or liability expenses. Even with the best insurance policy, you need to understand what you purchase. Not sure, reach out to us by chat, text, email or phone.

Remember these three simple ways to save money on Tenants Insurance. Make sure your deductible suits your situation, use a professional Insurance Broker, and shop around to make sure you understand your Insurance Company and the renewal process.  At www.tenants-insurance.com, we are a team of Registered Insurance Brokers that have done that homework.  We provide you with an excellent insurance product to meet life’s situations. Get the Insurance Advantage you deserve today.

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