Partners: Property Managers and Landlords, Mortgage Brokers & Affliates

Spend less time tracking down insurance policies. We’ve made buying insurance simple for our customers, but we’ve also made managing insurance policies easy for property managers and landlords. We offer 24/7 online access and instant policies for those tenants that wait until the last minute. We’ve put together great policies with the coverage your tenants need while making it easier than ever for you to make sure all of your tenants are insured and you collected all the documents. We also offer discounts to tenants when they add you as an additional insured. We will notify you automatically should the policy lapse or be cancelled. As an Advantage partner, our insurance document management system will make your life a whole lot easier. 


Challenges we can solve:

  • Collecting proof of a new policy
  • Collecting renewal policy 
  • Tenants who cancel their policy shortly after purchasing
  • Tenants not buying adequate coverage
  • Tenants not buying from a reputable insurer

What we do for you.

  • The policy is emailed directly to your team when a tenant buys, changes, renew or cancels their policy.
  • We ensure your minimum required coverages are met
  • Free marketing material for your tenants
  • Valuable coupons for all your tenants
  • Free code that provides them with a discount
  • We handle all insurance inquires and questions
  • We’re here to assist and ensure a smooth campaign

What can Advantage do for your Tenants?

  • Exclusive online pricing
  • Best coverage (includes sewer backup and water damage)
  • Buy online in minutes anytime
  • Electronic policy delivered to both you and the tenant
  • Monthly payment options with debit or credit card

Our Property Manager and Landlord partners trust Advantage for their Tenants Insurance.  Register your building, get your account and exclusive tenant discount code set up. Sign up for free today!

Mortgage Brokers

Our condo insurance product is ideal for those who are closing on a new condominium. With these exchanges’ frequency, a fast and easy insurance product purchased 24/7 is perfect for this market. If you are a mortgage broker and need one of your clients to get insurance, let us know! We can also set up a dedicated affiliate program to deploy our value into your business. 


We are looking for numerous affiliates to support our network, such as condo associations, neighbourhood communities, associations. With our online platform, we can also promote affiliate services such as cleaners and contractors to benefit our clients.

Current Affiliates 
Waterloo Region Apartment Management Association – WRAMA
Greater Toronto Apartment Association – GTAA
London Property Managers Association – LPMA