Tenants Insurance New Cloud Base Platform is an exciting new product

New Cloud Base Platform for Tenants Insurance

Please read our Press Release about Tenants Insurance New Cloud Base Platform.  At Advantage Insurance, a division of Ives Insurance Brokers, we have worked with partners to design this new technology with our clients and brokers in mind.  This leading-edge new cloud base platform not only makes looking for Tenants Insurance easy, but it also helps clients get the most out of their policy. READ MORE!

Ives Advantage gets a competitive edge with a new cloud-based platform

WATERLOO, ON., May 6, 2021: Ives Advantage insurance has implemented a cloud-based platform to increase overall efficiencies for its brokers and enhance its customer experience. The platform is made by Alberta-based insurtech, Nude Solutions.


“There aren’t a lot of customer-facing portals on the market,” explains David Stark, President. “We knew our customers wanted 24/7 access to their policies. Nude Solutions was the only cloud-based platform that gave our customers the experience they wanted and suited our business model – offering policies under $250 directly to the client.”


Stark says he also chose the platform because it was designed by a Broker for brokers.

“It addresses all the daily issues we see. Very few platforms do this well,” he says. “For example, it takes a third —or less — of the time to do an endorsement on the Nude platform.”

At the end of the day, Stark says the decision to implement a new platform was about staying competitive.


“That means you need to listen and adapt,” he says. “Our brokers wanted a platform to make their workflows efficient. Our customers wanted autonomy. We have the best of both worlds now.”

About Ives Advantage

Ives Advantage is a division of Ives Insurance Brokers, established in Essex, Ontario in 1966. Ives Advantage specializes in online, program-based policies. The team serves customers in Ontario and Alberta and prides itself on providing an excellent customer and employee experience. 

For media inquiries, please contact:

David Stark, President

Advantage Insurance, a division of Ives Insurance Brokers Ltd.


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