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Fire Claims

When Fire Damage happens, make sure you have the correct Tenants Insurance Policy.

Fire! Often those who purchase Tenants Insurance live in multi-unit dwellings. The problem is that often Tenants Insurance claims involve many units even though the event stems from just one room. An apartment fire is an excellent example of many homes damaged.  If your neighbour falls asleep with a candle burning or causes a grease fire, all of a sudden, your life is turned upside down. The fire and smoke damage, along with the rescue actions of the fire dept can leave your living space destroyed. Not to mention the vast amounts of water that can come crashing into your unit. Apartments above and below where the fire started can suffer as much damage due to smoke rising and water falling.


If there is a fire in your building, reach out to your insurance company immediately.  You will need help right away. The number of units damaged can cause Insurance companies and Adjustors Company resources to be stretched thin. Having an experienced and robust Tenants Insurance product will be critical. They will do the work so you can focus on the essential tasks. What you will need immediately is a place to sleep that night. With a good Tenants Insurance Policy, you know you have Additional Living Expenses. You can get a hotel room right away, knowing you will be covered.  Let your Adjuster help you.  If there are many units damaged, local hotels could fill up quickly.


There is always the emotional aspect of a claim. Seeing your personal property and sometimes memories destroyed can be hard to watch. Being displaced might make your morning commute or getting kids to school harder.  Knowing you are protected can provide much-needed peace of mind after a fire. Having a good Tenants Insurance product is paramount at these times. Knowing you have high limits so you can easily replace your personal belongings makes life easier. Learning you have additional expense limits per day and month will also be necessary. Your day-to-day living may now include three take-out meals a day, and a hotel charges every night. You will also need funds flowing easily to your account to help as you start to replace all those belongings.


Having your personal and expensive belongings scheduled (written down) will make the Adjuster’s work easier. Everyone says to make a list of your belongings, but not everyone does.  When there is a fire, you are under a lot of emotional stress.  It can be difficult to recall everything that you owned.  Take the time to make that list ahead of time. Making sure you KNOW your broker and insurance company by having your policy # saved on your phone or at an offsite location like with a relative.


Having a great Insurance Broker who understands your Tenants Insurance policy is also essential. At Advantage Insurance, we maintain excellent relationships with our Insurance Company Partners.  We can help make settling a claim seamless.  Any fire can be not only dangerous during the event but also cause so much damage.  Damage to your home and belongings, but also personal struggles as you put your life back together.  Make sure you have the Protection Advantage you need with Advantage Insurance.  Reach out today if you have questions about your Tenants Insurance.

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