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Why buy your Tenants Insurance directly from an insurance company? You lose the power of the broker to advocate for claims and look after your renewal. Insurance Brokers have your best interest in mind!

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Our broker platform not only makes buying Tenants Insurance easy but allows your broker to be more available to speak with. We can answer your questions, review your coverages, and help with what you need. Because our portal is doing the paperwork, we have more time to talk to you.

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Our brokerage focuses on program insurance. We can secure better rates and coverages by specializing in Condo and Tenants Insurance. We are focusing our specialty experience in this under-served insurance segment.



$ 17
  • $30,000 Personal Belongings
  • $1,000,000 Liability
  • $2,500 Deductible
  • $5,000 Sewer Backup


$ 20
  • $30,000 Personal Belongings
  • $1,000,000 Liability
  • $1,000 Deductible
  • $5,000 Sewer Backup


$ 26
  • $30,000 Personal Belongings
  • $2,000,000 Liability
  • $1,000 Deductible
  • Policy Limit Sewer Backup


Learn about the 3 Primary Coverages for Tenants Insurance

Belongings Insurance


Your STUFF Coverage! Ever take a moment and think about the value of all your belongings? How much would it cost to replace all of it? This is exactly why you purchase Tenants Insurance. We replace your personal and treasured personal items. From socks to flat screen TV's, we give you the Protection Advantage.

Tenants Insurance


Accidents happen! Did you know that you could be personally sued? From accidents like a slip and fall on your premises or damaging someone else’s property, you need protection. This aspect of Tenant Insurance is usually never thought of but is ever so important.

Additional Living Expenses Coverage


Imagine disaster has struck the place where you cook, sleep, and put your feet up. It has been destroyed! What do you do now? Where are you going to sleep tonight? Where are you going to shower for work tomorrow, etc.? Additional Living Expenses Coverage gives you peace of mind. It looks after alternative accommodations and extra costs until you can come home again.

Frequently Asked Questions

The phrase “Act of God” is an old insurance term used to describe claims that are natural and NOT human-based. Tenants Insurance policies cover almost all “Acts of God” such as – windstorm (tornado, hurricane), snow & hail, lightning, forest fires, rain, and snow. Your policy can also be extended to cover earthquake and flood damage. 

Jewelry is automatically covered up to $10,000 for condo policies and $5,000 for Tenants Policies.  You can add specific items that exceed these limits. 

Your policy covers you from claims happening IN your residence, such as a guest tripping on a carpet or a delivery person slipping on a walk you were supposed to shovel. It also protects you internationally for property damage that you could cause while on holidays (letting a tub overflow in a hotel room).

The landlord’s insurance policy protects their assets. This means the building itself, and some cases, more permanent appliances (think shared laundry). Your Tenants Insurance protects your personal property.

When you start to add up you’re clothing alone, could you really pay for it all again out of pocket? When you factor in the low cost of Tenants Insurance and the small deductible, how can you afford NOT to buy this protection?

Natural disasters are very broad, especially in Canada. From snowstorms and hail to earthquakes on the west coast. A Tenants Insurance Policy will cover most natural disasters (forest fires, tornados, even earthquake can be added).