Tenants Coverages

Tenants Coverages INCLUDED in your policy

Tenants Insurance

Liability Insurance

Coverage protection from lawsuits against you or family members in your home. If a guest or someone even briefly (like a delivery person) comes into your unit or on your property and gets hurt, they could sue you. Liability Tenants Coverage protects you against that risk.

Belongings Insurance

Personal Belonging

In your policy, Tenants Coverages protects items that you own. Claims caused by physical damage such as smoke or fire could mean you need to replace many things. Imagine needing to replace an entire wardrobe, all of your electronics, furniture, kitchen equipment, etc.

Additional Living Expenses Coverage

Additional Living Expenses

The most common thing people experiencing when a claim happens is where they will live during the repairs. When they realize they need a place to sleep that very evening, This Tenants Coverage in your Tenants' Insurance Policy is essential. With this protection, you can stay in a hotel or other accommodations and have associated costs covered.

Unit Improvements

You have made some improvements to your place. You like certain accents added to your apartment. Maybe in the form of an upgraded light fixture, smart home switches, or other enhancements. We can reimburse you for these items being damaged with an insurable loss and be one of your Tenants Coverages.

Identity theft

Nothing is more annoying and ùnnerving than identity theft. Having part of who you are in society duplicated or stolen feels like a violation. And the amount of tedious paperwork needed to recover from this takes a lot of time. Tenants Insurance can offer help with these expenses in the event of Identity Theft.

Tenants Coverage

Additional Tenants Coverages AVAILABLE

If you need the additional Tenants Coverages outlined below, you will be prompted and given the option to purchase during your online experience.

Sewer Backup

Climate Change is changing our world. We have more water-related events worldwide. Water Damage has been uniquely underwritten for Tenant insurance policies. Often sewer back up, water escaping, or backing up from septic systems needs to be added to a policy and can have different deductibles. Make sure your Tenants Insurance policy has the right Tenants Coverage for this type of claim.

Jewelry, Fine Art and Collectibles

If you have high-value items ( like Jewellery) you may want to set special coverage. Just let us know the appraisal value, and we can specifically schedule this item on to your Tenants Insurance policy. Because of the uniqueness and price of these special items, replacing them can be challenging. Without Tenants Coverage these types of claims can quickly become large monetary losses. Typical items include jewelry, watches, art, and collectibles.

Bike, Sporting Equipment Watercraft

Your Tenants Coverage for your Tenants Insurance is designed to cover items at your location mostly. There are some items you might own that go with you on an ADVENTURE. Bikes, golf clubs, snowboards, kayaks can be stored sometimes in your storage locker or locked up offsite., These expensive items are susceptible to theft or damage while in your car, etc. Let us know what items you have that are on the move, and we can add them to your Tenants Insurance Policy.

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